We did in a year 273 performances and I never missed one, Curtis said.
Sunset Boulevard, too, from hiring silent-screen superstar Gloria Swanson as the lead to finding places for Cecil.
He goes in to measure Marilyn and she comes out in a pair of panties and a silk blouse.
But Wilder quickly casino chips deko moved to Tony Curtis for Joe, and his choice for Jerry was Frank Sinatra.Wilder and Diamond both liked that particular deviceand not much else.We said we wanted dresses done by Orry-Kelly, who was doing Monroes costumes.When it was all done, and my stomach got back to normal, it seemed well worth the agony of working with her.

He stood Billy.
So he did, and its quite good.
Both pictures are episodic, focusing on a pair of desperate male characters doing what they can to earn a buck.
And Orry-Kelly, a very prestigious-looking man, he had one of those plastic tapes.And it was Lemmon who established the types.He said, Cary, how did you like Tonys impression of you.The humor in the German movie was rather heavy-handed and Teutonic, Diamond said.Curtis and Lemmon spent hours refining their looks.When Wilder and Diamond began writing, Wilder knew they needed to find the hammerlock of the story, the ironclad thing in which these two guys trapped in womens clothing cannot just take off their wigs and say, Im a guy.And there were such moments, half a dozen moments, Wilder said.After kicking around ideas, inspiration finally hit while Wilder was driving (Billy got a lot of his ideas driving, Diamond said the.Sinatra was out, and Jack Lemmon was.Fry tofu cubes in hot oil until golden brown on all sides.You cant beat that story.But there were regional decrees against the film, too.

She was so pissed off.
But you always tell yourself, Im not married to her, right?
The seed that bloomed into, some Like It Hot was planted by an obscure 1951 German film, Fanfaren der Liebe (Fanfares of Love), which was a remake of an older French comedy, Fanfares dAmour (1935).