180 degree turn time.0.
Penetration: 189 / 223 /.
The main difference the lack of the seemingly standard and basic consumable for destroyers Smoke Generator.Available between April 814.In addition, the hit points of the French destroyers are allocated in the same manner as the test destroyer Leffronté (Le Terrible).If you're a new player, we recommend you take some time to go through our.Aim spread: after firing: 3,356; during turret rotation:.096; while the vehicle is moving:.115; during vehicle rotation:.115; during turret rotation at the maximum speed:.41; at the maximum vehicle speed:.48; at the maximum vehicle rotation speed:.18.Download world OF tanks, world of Tanks, european region.Rate of fire: 10,214 rounds/minute, damage per mintute: 1 838,6, reload time: 5,874.Saipan Commemorative Flag for players who purchase the large bundle for US Premium carrier Saipan.Atlanta Commemorative flag for the premium ship Atlanta originally added in has been updated.AP initial velocity 740 m/s.

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Instruction for how to purchase in-game gold and what to do with it all!Max speed/Min speed: 65 / -23 km /.Both sides have their own advantages: ships of the attacking team respawn, while ships of the defending team gradually recover their.10:00 CET (UTC1) / your local time: Mon.07:00 CET (UTC1) / your local time: Mon.An inconsiderate cruiser, presenting broadside, can become an easy target!Maximum AP shell damage 1600.Torpedo Beat : dynamic torpedo battles with destroyers travelling at high speeds.Your Customer Service Team.