what is meant by poke someone on facebook

Pam and her five sisters Noun.
Disposable income that 'gays' ostensibly heute noch geld gewinnen have through not having the spielautomaten kostenlos spielen risiko super 7 financial expense of children.
Usually affectionate use, from 'shit-head'.
Poet's being an acronym of P iss O ff E arly T omorrow's S aturday.
To meander, or wander slowly.To mess about, to waste time, often to the annoyance of someone else.Also 'on the Pat and Mick'.Purple headed womb broom Noun.E.g." For fucks sake Connie!Affected with nausea, ill.Radio and club.J.E.g."He's been poncing off shoppers up the high street, saying he's homeless." ponce about /around Verb.Often heard as on the pancrack.Piss around / about Verb.Pricks with sticks Noun.

Set the cake in the fridge to cool and soak.
To dance in the manner of the 'pogo'.
A person from Poland.
Taken from 'piss oneself laughing'.The hand when employed for masturbation.E.g."I planted one on him, knocked him out cold, and then ran like mad before his mates arrived." plastered Adj.Informal posh and becks Noun.Of or relating to a gypsy or vagrant.I'm feeling a little peckish." Informal pee Verb.A teenage mother, usually from a council housing estate.Someone who knowingly exploits the fact that they are sexually alluring.To deceive, to gain an unfair advantage.Possibly originally miner's slang.E.g."It's pissing down outside, so take your brolly." piss casino automaten roulette easy Adj.Please do not use my images without prior permission.E.g."The first half was pants but I stayed until the end and it was actually a great film." 1990s Exclam.Pan someone's head in Vrb phrs.

I like the pink ones.
Often applied to drinks.