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There is still another private university, wpt poker 2015 youtube located in Friedrichshafen, Zeppelin University.
The unemployment rate stood at 3 in October 2018 and was the second lowest in Germany behind only Bavaria and one of the lowest in the European Union.
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In this guide, weve reviewed our full collection of hikes and walking routes in Baden-Württemberg to bring you the top 20 hiking routes in the region.Furthermore, there are more than a dozen Fachhochschulen,.e., universities of applied sciences, as well as Pädagogische Hochschulen,.e., teacher training colleges, and other institutions of tertiary education in Baden-Württemberg.The Rhine (German: Rhein ) forms the western border as well as large portions of the southern border.The latter category accounts for 43 of the.2 million persons employed in industry.Other cities are, freiburg im Breisgau, Heidelberg, Heilbronn, Pforzheim, Reutlingen and Ulm.Main sights include the capital and biggest city, Stuttgart, modern and historic at the same time, with its urban architecture and atmosphere (and famously, its inner city parks and historic Wilhelma zoo its castles (such as Castle Solitude its (car and art) museums as well.19 Rank Regierungsbezirk Pop.

The same or similar Alemannic dialects are also spoken in the neighbouring regions, especially in Bavarian Swabia, Alsace ( Alsatian German-speaking Switzerland (Swiss German and the Austrian Vorarlberg, while the other Franconian dialects range from the Netherlands over the Rhineland, Lorraine, and Hesse.
In 1949, each state became a founding member of the Federal Republic of Germany, with Article 118 of the German constitution providing an accession procedure.
From 1992 to 2001, the Republicans party held seats in the Landtag.The politics of Baden-Württemberg have traditionally been dominated by the conservative Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU who until 2011 had led all but one government since the establishment of the state in 1952.Demographics edit The population of Baden-Württemberg is 10,486,660 (2014 of which 5,354,105 are female and 5,132,555 are male.A number of well-known enterprises are headquartered in the state, for example Daimler AG, Porsche, Robert Bosch GmbH (automobile industry Carl Zeiss AG (optics SAP SE (largest software enterprise in Europe) and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen (precision mechanical engineering).The region depends to some extent on global economic developments, though the great adaptability of the region's economy has generally helped it through crises.On 16 December 1951, Württemberg-Baden, Württemberg-Hohenzollern and Baden voted via referendum in favor of a joint merger.The majority of people in this region continued to be Roman Catholics, even after the Protestant Reformation influenced populations in northern Germany.Stuttgart, followed by, karlsruhe and, mannheim.In 496 AD the Alemanni were defeated by a Frankish invasion led by Clovis.In the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, numerous people emigrated from this mostly rural area to the United States for economic reasons.In the Landtag elections held on voters replaced the Christian Democrats and centre-right Free Democrats coalition by a Greens -led alliance with the Social Democrats which secured a four-seat majority in the state parliament.Retrieved 18 December 2016.In Aalen, Biberach an der Riss, Esslingen, Karlsruhe, Ludwigsburg, Nürtingen, Pforzheim, Ravensburg- Weingarten, Reutlingen, several in Stuttgart, Schwäbisch Hall).