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Our first entry is the Porsche 956 KH which is part of the longtime Group C series.
For all intents and purposes, this car is essentially 6mm longer within a shorter, lighter body.
Prolonged use of any tire blend has not affected my track as others have reported.The 1989 World Sportscar Championship season was dominated by the Sauber Mercedes team while Nissan struggled to find not only reliability, but also pace the R89C was only able to score points in three of the eight races.These are the sizes advised for close to stock size.Bringing the car in briefly and removing the bodyshell to pop out the magnet revealed that, although space is tight at the slightly-tapered rear end with those panels covering the wheels, everything had been set up very precisely back at the factory and there were.Cutaway shows familiar box-standard setup all thats been added here are grub screws to set the front axle height, plus screws to secure the motor.The C1-compound tyres fitted to the rear worked very well while these are not my first choice for Carrera track, and will soon be replaced with a regulation pair, Im sure theyre great all-rounders to suit many track surfaces.The only feature that I wasnt so sure about nit-picking, perhaps is that the A-pillars are painted onto the window moulding rather than moulded as part of the bodyshell, which leads you to notice the ridge around the leading edge of the roofline where.So this car was appealing to me right from the start.

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This way, both cars would be working with the same tyres, motor and gears to hopefully eliminate any opportunity for mechanical disparity to affect the result.So, it might be a new-look.C rounds are run in groups of six eight-minute heats and the Nissan lead the first three right from the get-go.275 hugely entertaining 38m laps in 48 minutes, three laps down on the winner but 17 ahead of the third place finisher, a CA02g Bob Jane Porsche 956.THE video review, these models are still some of the best slot cars you can get for your hobby dollar.But first, back to the beginning!The colours are bright, deep and shiny where they should be and the correct matte-black where they shouldnt such as areas along the upper and lower windscreen edges and behind the side windows.I think it speaks volumes about this model that, with only minimal time to set up and prepare for a club race series, I could pilot it to second place against one of our club veterans in a car hed spent a lot of time.While the bodyshell is off, youll find that everything else is reassuringly standard orange-endbell motor,.5mm-offset inline motorpod, 9/28 gears, guide, axles,.8mm plastic front and.5mm aluminium rear wheels the same as those fitted to all recent.One of the most beautiful Group C cars ever, this Japanese racer is a completely new design from.With removable rear wheel covers, 16g body, and all the latest technical improvements, its going to be a serious contender in any Group C race.You will not please everyone so only you and your taste will decide if is right for you.A second session, now mag-less and running the bodyshell and motorpod screws very slightly loose to allow the chassis to flex and do its thing, left me feeling that the braids were a little stiff for a car as light as this, but the guide-blade.The Porsche gets a larger than recommended tire.