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Produced by The CW, its about humanitys last attempt to inhabit the earth after it was ravished by war.
Although the series is now over, the series legacy will carry on for decades given the stellar performances from the cast, excellent cinematography, and storylines that push the envelope of what a TV series can.
The show has been praised for its amazing acting, script, and attention to detail.
Like Louie, its a collection of magnificent, semi-autobiographic, loosely connected vignettes.The series is set in an American high school and the story, for the first season at least, recounts the life of Hannah Wells who tragically took her own life.Sadly, with OiTNB falling off the wagon and facing an identity crisis in recent years, its down to Wentworth to pick up the pieces and boy does it do a good job.Diving into issues normally exempt from where an animated sitcom wouldnt usually go, it makes the show stand out as a true pioneer in its space.Have a spare pair of underpants at the ready as youll need them when you binge through this.Without further ado, here is the best 50 TV series currently streaming on Netflix in March 2019.Its a welcome break from most series in the same category and will keep you absolutely gripped.Russian Doll Seasons Available: 1 Network: ich will im lotto gewinnen Netflix Genre: Comedy Show status: Unknown Russian Doll had all the hallmarks of it being a great series with it borrowing a tried and tested trope of reliving the same day over bing photos hd and over and it delivered.13 Reasons Why Seasons available: 2 Network: Netflix Genre: Teen Drama Show status: Ongoing This series has split audiences straight down the middle.Its a rollercoaster series with fantastic characters and some of the strongest CGI youll see in a TV series.The show has since finished meaning Netflix has the complete collection streaming right now consisting of 92 episodes in total.

Once Upon A Time Seasons Available: 5 Network: ABC Genre: Fantasy Show status: Ended Once Upon A Time takes all of your favorite childhood Disney tales and brings them to life in a much darker format.
The Good Place is carried as a Netflix Original outside the United States but does eventually come to Netflix in the US too.
Riverdale Seasons Available: 2 Network: The CW Genre: Drama Show status: Ongoing The CW is mostly known nowadays for producing the myriad of DC shows such as The Flash and Arrow or its supernatural dramas such as The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.
AMC knocked it out of the park when it gave Vince Gilligan a chance to develop the series which follows a chemistry teacher facing the prospect of an early death unless he develops the funds to fund his cancer treatment.
Genre: Sci-fi, show status: Ongoing, netflix hasnt had a complete sci-fi adventure but Altered Carbon changed that when it landed in February 2018.The Good Place Seasons available: 2 Network: NBC Genre: Comedy Show status: Ongoing NBC lost its throne of being the top comedy series producer but The Good Place is doing a good job of bringing back the crown to NBC.With Orange is the New Black alumni Natasha Lyonne starring as Nadia, shes forced to relive the same party over and over and she tries to break the said loop.Its funny, smart and a breath of fresh air and absolutely should be on your watchlist.The series that adapts Shameless from the UK has taken us on many strange and often harrowing trips with the Gallagher family in Chicago.Despite its ambition, the show continues to deliver.Sadly, 50 doesnt really do the service justice present the full library of series but we had to try.Its one siedler von catan kartenspiel wissenschaft und fortschritt anleitung of Netflix most expense shows every produced with an estimated Budget of 156,000,000.The result of all of this is the best TV series currently on Netflix.Bojack Horseman Netflix Original Seasons Available: 5 Network: Netflix Genre: Animated sitcom Show status: Ongoing Bojack Horseman has been around for several years now, and while its probably not the most popular show on Netflix, its certainly one of the smartest.Network: Showtime Genre: Crime drama Show status: Ended Endings aside, Dexter is an enthralling TV series and probably the best Showtime has ever produced.

Unlike most zombies, Olivia is a functioning one who commits to a new life in the morgue occasionally helping out cops with unsolved mysteries.