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Select Your Base, the easiest way to turn poke into a meal is to serve it over a grain or vegetable.
Photo by Linda Xiao, add Your Protein, if you're opting for raw fish, make sure it's high-quality, from a fishmonger you trust.
Opt for Mix-ins If you want more flavor and texture in your protein (or vegetable!You can also use zucchini noodles (the customer favorite.Photo by Linda Xiao, this explains why I know poke the way I (and many mainlanders) do: As a heaping serving of fresh, raw fish served over a bed of rice, doused in sauce, and covered in garnishes.Most poke is made with tuna, which Roudy Leath, Seamores executive chef, explained is the because its traditional, holds its shape better, and is easy to bite through when raw.

We are proudly one of the few remaining restaurants that continue to offer tableside dishes including our lobster bisque with fresh Maine lobster flamed with cognac and our essential dessert, the Hawaiian apple banana flambé finished with dark rum.
Oenophiles will appreciate bingokarten für kinder our extensive wine list, which we seasonally update with the help of Hawaiis esteemed Master Sommeliers to ensure there is always something expertly paired with your meal.
6 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Fishmonger.Chung Chow executive chef and co-owner.The Meatball Shop and their recent seafood restaurant, seamores which serves a poke appetizer, told me over the phone that there are several freshness indicators to keep an eye out, especially when purchasing fish to eat raw.My seasonal six-course pre fixe dinner takes full advantage of our islands bounty and marries it beautifully with Big Island abalone, Kauai prawns and Kunoa beef among other proteins to create the Taste of Michels.If youre opting for mix-ins (well get to this soon!