If your pings allow, you should also use her bing suchmaschine entfernen edge 3rd ability again 2 turns before you use Songs debuff extension to minimize the chance of an accident.
The second Celeste axe is there because I had planned to replace it with a second Xeno Diablo Katana.
Pubbed/Twitter Proto Bahamut HLs fail 90 of the time, but Co-op raids succeed 90 of the time so its no big deal.
Im talking about Prometheus, Ca Ong, Anubis and the like.I got lucky and picked up some useful units and weapons from the lottery at the end of May.What I do remember is that Cygames announced a reduction in the weapon stones needed for a CCW barely a week after I finished my own.One minute later.Water, Water Everywhere That Rose Queen sword and Gabriel Staff are ruining the daggeriness of my grid!

But I have it so I might as well use.
Im going through all this trouble because he couldnt keep his hands off a pretty lady, the least he can do is flash a smile once in a while.
Seofon is an ougi/triple-attacking beast and a staple of my Wind party.
Magisas veil Yuels Clarity means I almost never have to worry about status attacks.Its especially sweet during a Charge attack, where it makes mincemeat of the Extreme bosss overdrive.The para from Songs CA has a base 55 success rate, and her 5* extension ability has a base 100 success rate.Nothing seems to work.Even the story quests and free quests all boil down to fighting the same monsters several times in a row.