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Fixed Realms not using the full range of randomized names when instantiated.
The first reroll costs 100g and the second reroll 250g.
Flash the lights, sound the siren and race to the rescue in the Fire Engine!
Fixed pesky floating white pixel on the website.
Beige's Hanami Nexus is back in all its cherry blossom beauty!Balancing, ninja, maximum VIT increase from 40.Rerolling will replace all quests with new quests (open and completed quests alike).Samurai, maximum DEF increase from 25.Click through to learn more, or tune in to the video tutorial to see how you set up and get started with your remote controlled or app controlled trains.Spriteful Shield: Fame Bonus increase from 6.Tiara of Eggscellent Sturdiness: Fame Bonus increase from 5.Reduced waiting times (slow transitions) at Janus the Doorwarden and removed chest.

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Disabled "Beginner's Package offer" which will be replaced in the future.
Changes, players must now pick a name during account registration to simplify the flow.Improved the campaign feature to allow us to run different types of campaigns and events in the future.Eggre Battle Armor: Fame Bonus increase from 5.Eternal Graved Great Sword: Fame Bonus increase from 4.Maximum VIT increase from 40.Explore, combine Your Bricks with Tech!Winter finally comes to an end.The new bonuses will apply with 2, 3 and 4 pieces equipped.Average VIT per level increase from.5.Aktualisieren Sie Ihren Browser, wenn Sie den Inhalt dieser Webseite korrekt anzeigen möchten.Valentine's Hearts bingo on tour and Love Letter Tokens have been removed.