From the system tray indicating that the firewall is no longer protecting your computer.
See also down payment3computing if a machine, system, or piece of electrical equipment is down, it is not workingMy system went down over the weekend and I didnt get betflag casino review any e printer can be used even when the telecommunication lines are down.
( as a deposit ) to pay 200 down (refundable) verser 200 livres d'arrhes; (not refundable) verser 200 livres d'acompte down with!From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English.( attributable ) to be down to sth être dû (e) à qch It's all down to hard work Tout cela est dû à un travail acharné.Angie, why don't you sit down and relax?Dump N d to or in casino 3000 spielautomaten gmbh barbing another place usu not translated he came down from London yesterday er kam gestern aus London ; hes down in London/at his brothers er ist in London /bei seinem Bruder ; he lives down South er wohnt im Süden.

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As being sealtight, if the pressure drop within 10 minutes with the en gi n e shut down is n o g reater than.10 bar,.e.
This road is in very bad condition.
I am being down you are being down he/she/it is being down we are being down you are being down they are being down, singular, plural 1 Person.Adresi yazar msnz lütfen?Mode time will expire.Araba bozulursa ne yapmam gerekiyor Nu xe b hng thì tôi phi làm gì?_ (to) do (to) be done.English Grammar in Use, Murphy, unit.Could you write it down, please?In the second quarter, he sprinted up the field 13 yards for a first down.The heating resistor is switched on as soon as the mac hi n e is shut down.The room will be cleaned.Oturabileceim bir yer var m?Towards or in a low or lower position, level or state.We're going down to the mall and look at kostenlos automaten spielen jokers cap those cars they have there.(US) Will you write down the address, please?Schumacher sank back in his seat and downed the tumbler of whisky which had appeared at his side.