The human brain is so good at pattern matching that it tends to find patterns even when they're not there.
It seems more likely to go for a check-raise if its opponent put in the last bet on the previous street.
See for example my commentary on Alex Selby's classic analysis of pre-flop limit hold 'em.
Of course, as I gain more data, my opinion might very well change.
Hyper-LAG on the early betting rounds is a very strong way to play.From the SBB (Small Blind on the Button it would raise almost every time.If it has ace high, unless the board is very scary that's enough for it to call down the whole way.Background, recently there was a discussion in the TwoPlusTwo "News, Views, and Gossip" forum, now closed, about a new video casino game that might be of interest to poker players.One aspect of that strategy is that if you play very aggressively early on, strategy for the later betting rounds becomes somewhat simplified.I have a background in software development, game theory, and have been writing an article series for TwoPlusTwo Magazine reviewing research on developing effective poker playing software, so investigating a game such as this one is right up my alley.The brochure referenced above mentions that the game is approved for use in most major.S.Pre flop, it does occasionally fold in the small blind or when raised in the big blind, but, again, it doesn't do this often.Needless to say, this makes it much easier to analyze how it plays.When you start a session the computer gets the button first.I have no idea, but if it's positive, I don't think it's going to make me rich.

A side bet is available called "bonus bet".
I'd like to learn more about it, and for the time being, I'm willing to play against.
I find public sentiment on the quality of the play of this game to be all over map.
I've seen it make calls on the end with J high on a one pair board, for example.
What's my EV against it?I'll bet on the machine against most denizens of a given Las Vegas poker room, but that's largely a reflection of how poorly I think the way most players play translates to a heads-up game.The basic strategy is complicated, so it's a casino game that actually makes you think.This isn't to say that an unskilled poker player won't lose more against this game than a skilled poker player, that's absolutely what one should expect.Presumably, the game could be tuned to offer other denominations if desired.What's especially intriguing is that there's no rake of any kind charged.The reason for this is that calling a raise from the big blind pre-flop closes the betting for that round, and that's more important than positional issues.If you're always putting your opponent to the test, then if they keep coming they must have something, and because folding is rarely a good option in heads-up limit hold 'em, this constricts the range of options on the big bet streets.Maybe that doesn't appeal to many casino patrons, but I hope it appeals to enough patrons to justify keeping a bank of these machines around many poker rooms.

I didn't see it making huge mistakes.