But even though were using a full tablespoon in todays bread dough and then topping it with more rosemary, I have yet to make a batch that teetered on the casino lindau jackpot verge of too much.
The dough crust dried out during rising.
This is a tricky problem to solve, but review your procedures.
And press the two halves together.Some breads require a dark crust and some bakers like a darker crust, so make sure that what you have is a fault and not the desired crust color.Taste your dough you may find that once in a while, you forget the salt.Plastic container we use for rising (it has a plastic lid too (not shown Dough Before Rising After about 1 1/2 hours, the dough should have risen substantially, as shown below: Dough After Rising Many bread recipes tell you to let the dough rise until it doubles.

Sometimes, a loaf will enter the oven looking fine, but will collapse in the center during baking.
Cut a round of parchment paper so its slightly larger than dough; place over top.
Focaccia bread, youve had it before, right?
The Ingredients, because the ingredients for bread are so basic; in addition to using good wheat for the flour, its important that the other ingredients are of the best quality too. .
Chlorinated water is generally ok for making breads that are leavened with dry active yeast.I kneaded the dough for 10 minutes on setting #3 (of 4 settings - my Bosch was bought new about a year ago and they say to knead dough on setting 2 or restaurant casino luc sur mer avis 3).If youre dead set on eating it warm, reheat part of the loaf in a 300 oven (which will also revive the crust then slice.Starting from one side, use a bench scraper to lift edge of dough, stretching it up and out of the bowl at least 12" and shaking back and forth to encourage lengthening, then fold back onto itself.Too much sugar in the recipe.Xx, yield: 9-12 servings, roasted garlic scented rosemary focaccia bread is perfect for pasta night or when youve got guests coming!Pinch off a small piece of dough and stretch it between your thumbs and index fingers on both hands.Proceed with kneading when the dough consistency seems perfect to you.If it floats, its mature, and youre good.Like yeast, salt has three functions in making bread; adding flavor, strengthening the gluten, and regulating yeast growth.