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Imagine going out and getting drunk before meeting his girlfriend's parents for the first time." Early 1900s.
An abbreviated form of bureau.
E.g."That meal was bobbins, next time we'll eat at home." bobbinsed Adj.
An abbreviation of brilliant.
Senseless and excessive talking.Alcohol and your health.Variations include bombies and bombers."Law, Order and Health".But research also tells us that obesity (20 sleep apnea (21 hypertension (22, 23 and even high normal blood pressure levels; diabetes (24, 25 prediabetes, and even high normal blood sugar levels; many medications, such as benzodiazepines (26, 27 the Standard American Diet (SAD filled.It refers to cocaine.Northern English use copyright of the dictionary and all graphics belong to Ted Duckworth.

Affectionate term of address, usually for a younger male.
It is your brain that manages your money and helps you be successful at work.
A con, a 'scam'.
This expression is generally accepted as inoffensive despite its source.From the Cockney rhyming slang barnet fair.To was bedeuten anteile bei lotto go on a spree.Mainly black use.Read More, following the latest medical evidence on the causation of Mr Baxter's death and four days before a trial was due to start, Liburd pleaded guilty to manslaughter.